Bagel Recipes

Bagel Recipes

Bagels are yeasted breads that are boiled and baked to create hand-held servings of thick, chewy, slightly golden bread. Because they are much denser than typical yeasted breads, a single bagel can serve as a meal when given the proper fixings. Sweet and savory spreads, along with meats, vegetables, and cheeses, can all make a bagel become something unique to each meal of day and occasion. Enjoy our collection of bagel recipes, including everything from making bagels from scratch to using them in snack time and mealtime.

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The bagel is an all-meal quick-fix. A smear of butter or cream cheese, and it's breakfast. A thick layer of peanut butter, and it becomes lunch. A few slices of salmon and dill spread, and now it's brunch. Pile on the deli meats and cheeses, and now it's dinner. This round donut-shaped bread has come a long way since its origins, though the actual recipe for a bagel has remained the same.

Dating back as far as the 16th century, the bagel was invented in Poland as a simple, economical yeasted bread that was fast to become part of the national diet. It soon became a tradition in Jewish cuisine, as the bagel could be prepared in a short amount of time after the Sabbath ended, unlike many other Jewish breads, which were far more laborious. This trait of convenience has no doubt kept the bagel's popularity strong in an ever-busy modern population looking for a meal on the go.

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